Some About Us

  • Vanguard Corporation dedicated to Information Technology and Telecommunications services
  • Based in Isabela, PR since 2005
  • Excellent strategy and good alliances
  • Formal agreements with key companies and vendors in PR, US and Latin America to provide complete solutions 
  • Proven experience supporting different industry sectors such as the banking, hospitality (hotels), government, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health and more.
  • Experienced and trained Professionals 
  • Always offer the best service in Puerto Rico and Latin America Region
Our Drive..our Objectives

  • To provide innovating services 
  • To provide standardized &/o custom solutions that take into consideration all the specific needs of our customers. 
  • Be the best Telecommunications and Networks Service Provider in Puerto Rico and Latin America Region by offering Optimal IT Products and Solutions 
  • Offer Best Prices and to delight our customers with a Service of Excellence.



“Making accessible the delivery of quality and innovative technology services in a cost effective way while positioning our company as a leader in the Technology Industry.”   “Manage and simplify the entire technology hardware acquisition and integrated technology solutions delivery, allowing our customers to focus on their core competences.”

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